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We want all our patients to have a safe and pleasant experience at New Image Works facilities! To help us reach this goal the following requirements MUST be complied with AT ALL TIMES. Please direct any questions or comments to the Management. Thank you!

Visitors invited by patients are allowed in the treatment room ONLY during the consultation phase. DURING TREATMENT, ONLY THE PATIENT AND THE PROVIDER ARE ALLOWED IN THE TREATMENT ROOM (as well as assisting, supervising, or shadowing Provider). Presence of any other person(s) during the procedure represents a safety hazard for both the Patient and the Provider and may distract the Provider from focusing entirely on the Patient and the treatment (including minor children of patients, please see below).

Minor Children REQUIRE PARENTAL CONSENT to undergo any treatment at our facilities, and during treatment the parent(s) are required to wait outside of the treatment room, in the waiting area. NO PROCEDURES WILL BE PERFORMED ON CHILDRED UNDER 14 YEARS OF AGE. Minor Children of the Patients over the age of 12 are only allowed in the treatment room during the consultation phase. CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 12 ARE NOT ALLOWED IN OUR FACILITIES. New Image Works is not a certified child care facility and we encourage Patients to arrange professional care for their underage kids while visiting our offices. Your safety, safety of your child, and our ability to perform the best service possible are the main reasons here.

New Patients who have not been in any of our facilities before are required to PREPAY 100% OF THE SERVICE PRICE PRIOR TO START OF THE PROCEDURE (counting the deposit). If the final price of the service(s) happens to be less than the prepaid amount we will be happy to refund the difference. All new patients are required to schedule a paid online Virtual Consultation prior to any services performed . The consultation is valid for 3 months, and if no services are scheduled within 3 months a new consultation will be required to assess current condition of the patient. Virtual Consultation fee will be applied towards any service within the 3-month period only.

Cancelations and Rescheduling require 48 HOURS PRIOR NOTICE to your scheduled appointment. If you move or cancel your appointment in less than 48 hours, a cancellation fee of $100 applies. We require you to have a card number on file for scheduled appointments. “NO SHOWS” will be required to prepay 50% of the service cost for their next appointment, and second time no-shows will be required to prepay 100%. These prepayments are NOT REFUNDABLE, so we kindly ask you to notify us ASAP of any changes.

Frequent no-shows can be grounds to denying services. If you are running late to your appointment, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can look into adjusting the schedule. Patients arriving more than 15 min late are not guaranteed their scheduled time slot and may have to wait for the provider to finish with their on-time clients first, or reschedule to another day at provider’s discretion. We value your time, and we kindly ask you to respect ours.

Payment Method Verification is required before any service is provided. Credit cards presented for payment must be issued in the name of the Patient receiving the services. If another person is paying, we require a written authorization form filled out by the card owner, that includes their ID, type of card, last 4 digits, etc., otherwise we reserve the right to decline service.

Refunds are only issued for unused deposits assuming a timely cancellation notice was provided. Our services and packages are NOT REFUNDABLE but we will be happy to discuss substituting a service at matching cost in case you changed your mind. A processing fee of 5% can be subtracted from any refund issued. Online purchases are valid for 1 year from purchase date, and we reserve the right to substitute or replace products or services based on current availability or issue store credit.

We hope you enjoy your visit and thank you for choosing New Image Works!

* New Image Works policies are subject to change without notice, you will be notified by our staff if a new policy is in effect.