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What Is A Neurotoxin?

Neurotoxins are used for the temporary relief of wrinkles (rhytids), most typically of the forehead, brow, and “crow’s feet” region. There are 4 commonly utilized neurotoxins in the United States: Botox, Dysport, Jeaveau, and Xeomin. Our practice offers the first 2. All theseproducts are very similar in nature and effect with subtle differences between them. A small percentage of people will be resistant to one or more of these toxins. Therefore, when treated, if the utilized agent is either ineffective or less than fully effective, you may respond better to one of the others.

The toxin itself is a medically manufactured drug which has its initial origin from bacteria that produces a toxin and is associated with botulism. While that sounds scary, these toxins have been utilized in medicine for decades and have many different uses in addition to the above including treatment of migraine headaches and muscle spasticity. Their safety and efficacy have been proven extensively. The effects of these toxins last for 2 to 4 months. The toxin itself blocks the transmission of information from a local nerve to the associated muscle, and, therefore, with the muscle unable to fully flex, there are fewer lines associated with the commonly treated areas. There are other areas of the facial region that are treated with Botox, such as the upper lip or even the neck. These treatments are what are considered FDA off-label, and your provider will explain in more detail what that means. In general, it is that the drug is safe and effective for that use, but it has not been specifically queried to and approved by the FDA for that use.

As to the actual treatment, expressing your concerns and having a very detailed consultation with your provider is very important, especially for your first treatment and/or your first treatment with our practice.

Pre-Treatment Instructions:

  • For optimal results, and to minimize the chance of bleeding or bruising at the injection site, please avoid all blood-thinning medications and supplements for three days after your appointment. This includes over-the-counter medication such as aspirin, ibuprofen, Motrin, and Aleve. Also avoid herbal supplements such as garlic, vitamin E, ginko biloba, St. John’s Wort and omega-3 capsules. If you have a cardiovascular history, please check with your doctor prior to stopping use of aspirin.
  • Do not use neurotoxins if you are allergic to any of their ingredients or have a skin infection at the planned injection site.

Post-Treatment Instructions:

  • Avoid touching your face and wearing makeup the day of procedure.
  • Avoid significant movement or massage of the treated area unless instructed by provider.
  • Avoid tanning, extensive sun, or heat for 24 hours (no sauna, hot tub).
  • Avoid strenuous exercise or anything that increases your heart rate for 24 hours.
  • Avoid consuming excess amounts of alcohol or salts to avoid excessive swelling the day of your treatment.
  • Do not lie down or bend over with your head down within 4 hours following your treatment. Please squat rather than bending over at the waist during this time.
  • If there is bruising at the injection site, ice the area(s) for 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off, as much as possible for the first 24 hours while awake.
  • Avoid facials, massages, exfoliating the area for one day post-procedure.
  • Please wait until the day after treatment before wearing hats or headbands.
  • Use Tylenol (acetaminophen) for headache or discomfort. No NSAIDs (ibuprofen, aspirin) for 24 hours as they can increase bleeding.
  • If this is your first neurotoxin treatment, please follow up 2 weeks post-treatment with your provider for reevaluation and “after” photos. This will help us evaluate proper dosage for your next treatment.

Neurotoxins last, on average, 2-4 months. It is recommended at the time of your treatment to schedule your next appointment for maximum benefit. The most typical side effects are headache, bruising, swelling, and redness. These are temporary and will resolve.

However, please call the office at 224-432-5803 to notify us if you experience any additional side effects.