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5 Reasons You Should Be Excited For CoolSculpt Elite!


1. Better results than CoolSculpting for no additional cost!

As we move forward with CoolSculpting Elite, we are keeping our prices the same! Get better, faster results at no additional cost. Additionally, with your Allē account you’ll actually be able to earn more points faster with our CoolSculpting Elite service.

2. Shorter appointment time with CoolSculpting Elite’s dual applicators!

With the new dual applicators that CoolSculpting Elite brings, this allows us to cover more areas per treatment. Meaning your appointments will be faster and more efficient than before!

3. Bigger coverage because of the new applicators (treating more fat)

With the new range of applicators we have readily available, we can easily treat areas of concern. If we can squeeze it, we can freeze it!

4. 9 Treatment areas!

With our new Elite applicators we have flexibility to treat more areas with better accuracy and precision. From the neck area to stomach, we can freeze more areas than before!

5. 10 years on the market!

CoolSculpting has been paving the way with their technology for 10+ years! With many years of research and development, CoolSculpting has been used nationwide. The new CoolSculpt Elite is revolutionizing the confidence we are all looking for.

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