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Exosome IV Therapy


Exosome IV Therapy

What are Exosomes?

Exosomes are small vesicles that are secreted by stem cells. They contain large amounts of growth factors, cytokines and other substances with high regenerative potential that can be transferred to other cells due to their unique structure.

This structure allows the exosomes to fuse with other cells in the body and to release their content into other cells. The contents of the exosomes such as cytokines, growth factors and mRNA can then help the cell heal itself due to the actions of the transferred signaling molecules. Contrary to stem cells, exosomes do not replicate, do not contain DNA and do not elicit an immune response, resulting in a safer product compared to stem cells. By definition, exosome products are cell free and do not contain any live cells.


IV infusion exosome treatment can help with:

Brain health

Improve concentration, enhance cognitive function and mental clarity by reversing neurological damage

Immune health

Promote immunes system homeostasis and eliminates cellular cytotoxins

Immune related conditions

Suppresse activated immune cell including effector T cells, microglial cells, macrophages and NK cells. It impact cells to heal themselves

Reduce inflammation

Stimulate natural healing mechanism of the body and promotes faster recovery

Tissue regeneration

Repair tissue and cell damage

Reduce chronic pain

Reduce inflammation and promotes cellular health


Repair aging tissue of the body and show regenerative ability

Wound healing

Activate healing mechanism and helps body to heal itself

Cardiovascular disease

Repair damaged tissue


  • Exosomes derived from stem cells have been shown to be the source of healing in stem cell treatments
  • The process of stem cell products healing the body consists of: Injured tissues release chemical markers signaling their damage
  • A stem cell absorbs these markers and creates the appropriate components for healing the tissue
  • The stem cell packages these components into an exosome
  • The exosome attaches to the site of injury
  • The exosome releases its contents to the injured tissue healing it

Studies have shown that stem cell-derived exosomes have efficacy in repairing peripheral nerve damage, traumatic brain injury, accelerated wound healing and bone fusion, tissue repair, anti-inflammatory effects, skin regeneration, cartilage regeneration, treatment for injured ligaments/tendons, osteoarthritis, bone regeneration, and vaginal regeneration.

Despite these reported benefits of exosomes, there are no FDA-approved exosome products in the US.


Human Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal

Stem Cell Derived Exosomes
20 Billion Exosomes


Human Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal

Stem Cell Derived Exosomes
100 Billion Exosomes

Single Treatment
1 full dose (100B) treatment $5000
1 maintenance dose (20B) $1500

Hero Plan
5 maintenance doses (20B) $6750 (10% off)

Super Hero Plan
2 full dose (100B) treatments $9000 (10% off)
1 maintenance dose (20B) treatment $1350 (requires at least one full dose) (10% off)


How Exosomes May Help You

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